agile training

The core idea of the workshop journey is to understand how the different project deliverables work together connected and how they impact each other. 

  1. The 15 Agile teachers lessons covering different subjects
  2. The teachers training on the cascade (that needs a training program)
  3. The BRICK ME certification need to define content
  4. The Toolkit training is composed of Agile, LSP, NVC, LS and Micro-credentials or Open Digital Badge.
  5. The MOOC content comes out from combination of the Toolkit and Agile lessons.

Some facts:

  1. The teachers need to practice the Toolkit, and the exercises of the Toolkit have to work online and face to face, and they do.
  2. The 15 Agile teachers lessons have been designed already, but we need to see how the Toolkit is applied in the lessons to transform the way they teach.
  3. Once the lessons are ready, based on personal experience and teaching subjects, we need to transform them into an Agile training program. Is that Agile training the one to be used for the training on the cascade to other teachers. The teacher must decide which, when, and how the Toolkit exercises are used in the lessons and context.
  4. The teacher decides the Toolkit exercises combination but at the core is always the Agile framework.

What is next? April 2022

The different teachers training programs approach.