Destination Management faces the challenge in an ever-changing environment, dominated by the new digital economy, with a tourist profile that is much more demanding and informed, hyperconnected and multi-channelled. Therefore a new training program on Digital Destination Management (SMARTDEMA) is needed to create and manage the new demanded digital experiences. The new training program enables to add/co-create/reinvent the city with layers of information and services that do not exist today.

The project supports the transformation of the city and the actual teaching of tourism model at Destination Management. It implements new learning skills and digital assessment. Introduces concepts of innovation, technology, sustainability and accessibility to guarantee the present and future of tourism.

The project proposes an innovative implementation of the vibrant tourism experience of the partners’ countries and increases citizens’ sentiment of sharing local tourism-related values co-creation geo-referenced stories.Very connected to SMART TOURISM CITIES.
The project design and create a custom made free download mobile Apps named GEO-DEMA and implement training on Kumu and other software for “SMALL Data software analysis” to perform new SMART TOURISM related services, called here as SMARTDEMA. Instead, BIG DATA that is driven by machine interpretation, the project addresses SMALL DATA to understand the real needs and behaviours of the visitors.

A series of thematic maps are created based on the stories (DATA) created by the citizens (own sentiment of shared valued), and the insights of the visitors (DATA) collected in the App while unravelling the digital stories.

The project develops a new way of Digital Rewarding excellence skills (Open Digital Badge). At University level; Directory of Education, National Gallery, Stichting on Eduagility and Université Gustave Eiffel a new set of skills is designed and implemented in Intellectual Outputs 2.

Intellectual Outputs

Intellectual Output 1 On the training side:

  • R1. The SMARTDEMA training program. It is a new training program on Digital Destination Management based on the mobile App.
  • R2. Virtual Destination Manager (VDM) training for GEO-Stories and service interaction.
  • R3. The Virtual Nutritional Healthy Chef (VNHC) to involve the local stakeholder to deliver healthy food, e.g. Vegan food.
  • R4. The SMALL Data analysis training program based on the stories and the GEO-DEMA App insights
  • R5. The Digital Storytelling training program to understand how to design and create Mobile-based stories named webisodes.
  • R6. The training how to generate thematic maps based on the story collection, insights into the stories given by the visitor and other data like tags, metadata, the number of visitors and timing, using specific “Kumu software”.
  • R7. The training program on the App Geo-DEMA. How to create the App resources, what the App does, how it works, what data collects, and what is the user experience.
  • R8. Deliver the GEO-DEMA APP
  • R9. Twelve different categories of thematic stories containing each a set five stories geo-referenced in the territory, in total as a pilot project
    Twenty-five created by the Directory of Education, twenty-five by DEU Mobile Destination Management and ten by the National Gallery of Slovenia. Total of 60 stories created. These stories are embedded in Google maps and located virtual and physically in the territory, deliver a new mobile destination experience.
  • R10. We are designing and coding an App Interface customization to gamify the stories in Turkish, Slovenian, Dutch and French. The App is free to download and ready to be used to play.
  • R11. The creation of a community of visitors playing the gamified experience.
    On Virtual Destination Management:
  • R12.Creation of two events at the national and international level to attract new visitors to experience, share and create a new destination based on SMART gamified tourism.

Intellectual Output 2 delivers:

  • R13. A training program on Open Digital Badge how to create these Badges. Open Digital Badges is based on the different modules of the training designed on Intellectual Outcome 1.
    Three Open Digital Bages are created in the project connected to tourism training.Digital Destination Management – Digital Nutritional Chef -Digital Cultural Heritage Operator.