BRAVE project aims to empower unemployed adults who have difficulties in finding a new employment because of the increasingly specialised skills required by the market
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Bricking Adult's future Via Empowerment


How the MOOC works

The MOOC is structured into five Modules
It is not a self-contained closed machine content, but human-driven.

1. Read

The first step is you read the content, modules one to five

2. Tutor

The second step is you choose your Tutor by sending an email; no registration is required. Some Tutors might not be available all the time.

3. Customise

Choose your modules

4. Interact

To interact with other participants is possible; some of the participants can create social media groups, you will be informed about it.

5. The innovative MOOC approach

The modules are real examples to inspire your creativity and own projects.
The learning happens in the interaction with the Tutor and the insights you may get with peers on social media.
Social media channels are not from MOOC but the participants.
Some tutors offer blended training. Others due workloads might not be available.

  1. MODULE 1
    Exercise 1: Deep observation
    Exercise 2: Building the dog. 
  2. MODULE 2
    Exercise 3: The good experience
    Exercise 4: Who you are. 
  3. MODULE 3
    Exercise 5: Happiness and wellbeing
    Exercise 6: Hero's journey
    Exercise 7: Discover your strengths 
  4. MODULE 4
    Exercise 8: 9 full boxes for you
    Exercise 9: TA.COM.E  
    Exercise 10: Prototype your BMY 
  5. MODULE 5
    Exercise 11: Elevator pitch   
    Exercise 12: Upload your BM – screencast word about platform  
MOOC participants


The Tutors of the MOOC were directly involved in the BRAVE Project. Therefore they are the best to guide you in training.
The training is multilingual if you are fluently in English you can pick and choose any Tutor.
If you prefer your mother tongue apart from English, you have Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Lithuanian & Greek languages.
No need of registration you have to contact the tutor directly by email.
There is no starting or ending date, it starts when you want, and it ends when you want.

Barbara Grazzini


Lisa Fiaschi


Daniel Weiss


Claudia Mulazzi


Akis Pantazis


Eimantes Kisielius


Bokis Angelov


Maria Dantis


Veronica Codreanu


Fabian Gómez



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