Module One

Research analysis on Understanding “Tourism consumer behaviour experience – driven by Mobile ICT on Social Media"

The Goal

Analyse the content on a series of social media channels and networks to understand tourism service behaviour in both ways: consumer behaviour and in particular, the quality of the service provided.

The learning

The Tutor will explain to you how to Report, satisfaction/unsatisfaction and emotional experience are viewed as a central consumer behaviour construct because the extent to which consumers are satisfied influences future organisational performance in the form of, for example, profits, market image, market share, skills, educational competences affecting HE and VET on tourism.
By researching satisfaction and its mechanisms, partners obtain valuable information to be used to design the educational innovation in the TOURBAN project.
There are dominant networks on the market that enable to make the research from three main points of views:

  • Selecting several networks where satisfaction is expressed in text format, e.g., or among others.
  • Social Media channels such as Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook that provides the Media vision of the satisfaction of the service.
  • Research on Mobile Apps providing services at local level custom or open made found in Apple /Android markets

The Tasks

The Tasks leading the production of Module One are:

  1. Research and analyse the satisfaction factor on
  2. Research and analyse the comments on
  3. Research on other communities of users available at local level and services
  4. Research content on the following social networks Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest analysis genuinely the media data, from the message given based on profile user.
  5. Extract metadata of the media uploaded to the social media (hashtag definition # on videos, photos, tweets).


The Resources are composed of different kind of documents to help you to design your own research. As an example, you have four different research reports plus one consolidated. Templates, matrix and much more.
All documents are downloadable.

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