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Module Four

Training program
How to innovate in designing new business models in tourism based on education

The Goal

To address the innovation, Module Four goes one step further looking for "the innovation" making You to assume the role of an entrepreneur in designing innovative educational business models/services.

The learning

In this Module, you will design a business model focused on the tourism sector. It can be connected to the game designed in Module Three or to be a market niche you identify.

The Tasks

This Module works with templates to implement a series of tasks

  1. Key Partners (who are they)
  2. Key Activities (what key activities)
  3. Key Resources (what resources are needed)
  4. Valuable proposition (what value we deliver to Your customer)
  5. Customer Relationships (what type of relationship does each customer segment requires)
  6. Channels (define the channels)
  7. Customer segment ((mass market, niche, segmented)
  8. Cost structure
  9. Revenue stream
  10. Problems ( what problem You are trying to solve)


The Module contains a series of Business Models, book chapters, Canvas Business and Branding templates.

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