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BRICKme certification

What OPEN Digital BADGE is?

A Digital Badge represents a skill, learning achievement, or experience. Digital badges can be earned in a wide variety of environments

  • Digital Badges can represent competencies and involvements recognized in formal or informal learning
  • In addition to the image-based design, badges have metadata to communicate details of the badge to anyone wishing to verify it or learn more about the context of the achievement; it signifies
  • Badges are issued by individual organizations who set criteria for what constitutes earning a badge
  • Earners can display their Digital Badges online and can share digital badge information through social networks

Why use OPEN BADGE ?

  • Skill Recognition. Students can use the ODB to recognize achievement in any setting across the different stages of an individual’s life.
  • Pathways of Expertise. Students can use the ODB to build pathways to support individuals to work towards learning goals, provide routes into employment, and nurture & grow talent within organizations
  • Transfer of Skills. They are based on the Open Badges standard, which enables badges to be issued and transferred across the web and other digital exchanges, across different learning providers, and across borders.
  • Talent Identification. They provide a new way to identify talent based on competency and attitude, helping employers and educators better match individuals with non-traditional experiences to relevant opportunities.
  • Alternative Validation. They provide an alternative way for learners to get validation for their skills and achievements and share them with employers

Learn how to create the Open Digital Badge

BRICKme certification

The BRICKme Badge addresses the changes in education generated by the digital transformation and the needs of teachers to upgrade their skills. The learner will undergo training composed of more than thirty different dynamics covering different methodologies and frameworks such as Agile, Non-violent communication, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, and Liberating Structures. The training helps the teachers transform how they teach in the classroom and online. An inward journey for personal transformation is achieved during the training. The training is organised in four modules