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Teachers talk about the experience of transforming the lessons. We elaborated a retrospective session with questions that enabled the conversations. The retrospective is one of the Agile activities, and a very fruitful list emerged. The teacher´s reflection was done in local languages to facilitate real emotions and insights. The idea is not to answer only the questions but to reflect on the educational ecosystem.

Here is the list of questions:

1. What changes have you introduced due to the project in your lesson?

2. Would you recommend other teachers to transform their lessons? Why?

3. What was the core/ main change of your lesson transformations?

4. What activities/methods did you use in your lessons before the transformation?

5. What was the effect on the students learning?

6. What was very difficult in the process of transforming your lesson?

7. How the experience changed you as a teacher?

8. What was the impact on your way of teaching?

9. What beliefs do you have now after the transformation about learning/teaching?

10. What did not work in your lesson, and based on that, what do you recommend to future teachers?

11. What methods worked best? Please describe

12. Does this experience challenge your pedagogical approach?

13. How did the students react to the change in approach brought about by the Agile lessons?

14. How did you as a teacher transform during the process?

15. Did you think of inclusiveness in terms of SLD while transforming the lesson?

16. Have you used this approach in your other lessons as well? How it went.’

17. Would you continue to transform your lessons in the future?

18. What was the student’s feedback on this method?

19. What difficulties have you faced?

20. Did you have enough time and the appropriate equipment in the classroom to implement the transformed lessons?

21. What do your fellow teachers think about your approach to the curricula using Agile?

22. What bottlenecks did you experience in the new way of teaching, and what do you recommend for future teachers?

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