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ee · lesson 3

"Agile Project Management"

Lesson summary

This lesson is for teachers, school administration staff and teacher students to obtain knowledge and skills on how to use agile framework in project management. It will provide options for project planner and project coordinator who wants to increase their value to the project and the team by using various agile tools. Participants will apply Scrum model in project life cycle (initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and closure). 

Using different agile methods and tools:  Scrum (My values, The Boat), Working agreement; Non-violent communication (Tiny demons, Reframing the problem), Liberating structures (Conversation café), participants will prepare the project idea and application for Erasmus+ small scale project. 

The lesson can be adapted to any context (school, university, business etc) and learning environment (online, blended, face to face).

The lesson was created by Karmen Trasberg, University of Tartu, Estonia

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