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"Playing Plauto’s Amphitruo"

Lesson summary

Authors proff. David Del Carlo, Silvia Pagni, Istituto Carlo Lorenzini (Pescia, Pistoia) Italy

This project, inserted into a global program of our school-team that concerns “theater”, involved 18 students of the 3rd year of Italian Secondary School of the Scientific course (3AS), and it was realized during the school year 2020_2021. 

The subject is Latin grammar and literature and the focus is on the most important comedy writer of the III century b. C., Plautus, topic of the third year. 

In particular we started from Amphitruo, one of the 21 comedies of Plautus, maybe the most funny, concerned the  love of Zeus for Alcmena, the wife of a greek soldier, Amphitruo, and that contains a lot of mistaken identities. 

Our focus points were:

  • Cooperative learning and Nonviolent communication
  • Using LEGO®
  • Digital Skills

So we’ve projected 7 activities, that David De Carlo realized with his class, Silvia Pagni couldn’t be directly involved in the project, because she didn’t teach in that class,  but has followed step by step as creator, observer and a sort of consultant.

Here are the activities: 

  • Teacher (David Del Carlo) stars from his presentation of Plautus and his comedies, with focus on Amphitruo
  • Homework: Amphitruo’s Reading (italian translation)
  • Debate with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®  after Amphitruo’s Reading ( homework), group sharing 
  • Assignment of activities: 1 act for each group, 5 groups at all, selection of materials and use of different tools, as Thinglink or Genially, in order to product comic stripes of Amphitruo by Bookcreator, using LEGO minifigures for characters and Lego bricks for scenographies and also  stop-motion video.
  • Select and Assembly-work of all materials
  • Construction of an Ebook (final product)
  • At the end debriefing, self and cooperative evaluation, all made with non-violent communication. 

This project was introduced at the meeting in Crete (september 2021), revised and adapted for the students of the 3As and realized in the first part of the school year 2021-22 in 2 weeks, 12 hours in total, once finished  presented (with student participation) at our Erasmus partner in the Italian meeting (february 2022).

For details of the project see:

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