the dog

To practice storytelling of personal experiences as individuals.

The people in the room are split into five groups consisting of 6 people. Each group member is asked to use the LEGO® pieces they find on the table to build their dog’s model. It doesn’t matter if it is an existing or imaginary dog; it is a personal choice. Then, after making the model, at least one representative per table shows and explains their model to all the participants in the room. At a group level, each participant tells their story on the dog they have built. Everybody shares.

In some cases, we can see that by modelling a dog, people tell their personal stories and thus, they represent themselves through it. They define their life values in the model, creating a meta-story of all values and motivators in life represented by the dog model.

The facilitator can ask the participants to cluster the dogs on the table based on their criteria and principles.