the duck

the duck

The learning goal of this activity is to demonstrate to the participants a series of combined reflections focused on understanding important concepts.

Participants are given six LEGO pieces and asked if they know what a Duck is. All participants get the same bricks, and in the one-time box (Agile Sprint concept) of 60 seconds, they need to build a Duck prototype (Minimum Valuable Product). Then the debrief of all different Ducks happens. 

The expectation is most of the participants think it should be similar Ducks, but they are not. The learning goal is diversity since all Ducks are different, so not all think alike. Another learning is, how do you communicate an idea that is your brain, but people interpret it differently? How many solutions may a project have? The builder of the Duck can be the role of the Product Owner that talks to the client, and the Duck are the results the development team delivers. As in any project, these profiles exist but with other names, and people’s ways of doing are different.

To make it clear with the participants that they have to represent the Duck not necessarily in the realistic way, but in how they feel it. 

The facilitator can ask the participants to cluster the ducks on the table based on their criteria and principles.