the compromise

the compromise​

Most of the teams or classrooms in the school are multicultural and multivalue.

A different inevitable point of view happens in many situations. 

Conflicts may arise. A way to fix it is to ask them to build a model of the problem. With all models on the table, you create a landscape of problems as a whole system. Then look for the connection and identify the agents that cause the problems.

Once identified, you can ask the participants to generate a list of solutions to avoid the problems. Then, each one compromise themself, building a model of his behaviour when the situation happens again.

Probably if the problem arises again three months later, no one will remember what they comprised. The way to remember is that when they explain their model, you tape a video and make a photo. Put the  photo on the wall after adding a QR code that retrieves the video next time; if they don’t remember, you have a way to make them recall.