team identity

Talking about the team identity, there are at least two visions. The teachers see one, the team members other. The Team identify talks about emotions in a broader sense.

What is essential is the Team works as a Team.

“How do you perceive your Team? Build a new model showing what you believe your Team is all about – what is the spirit, the ‘feel’, of the Team right now?” 

“Build a shared model that shows what your Team is all about – what is the Team’s perception of the Team? What is the Team’s shared perception of the spirit and the ‘feel’ of the team life?” 

When the Team has built their shared model, the facilitator asks for a volunteer to tell the model’s story. The other team members may contribute to the story. 

“Now, position your own identity model in connection to the shared model of your Team Life. Use the position of your model to say something more about the team and about your connection/relation to the team.” 

“Build two or three connections between your own identity model and the shared Team Life model. Have your connections show and tell about what in your team life you feel the most connected to and how.”