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animal in you

animal in you

There’s a reason so many human cultures ponder the question, ” What animal am I?” You’ve probably wondered yourself. Native Americans asked, ” What is my spirit animal?” and went to find their guardian in the forest, while Asian cultures relied on the animal zodiac and Europeans turned to astrology.

Would you please put it in the context you have a new group of people who want to connect them effortlessly to organise different working teams? In Agile, you will ask them to self-organise, but what if you play a short game in a journey of discovery and ask them to play Animal in You.

Once they have discovered what animal they are and the soulmate, you can ask them to organise by matching.

After the first round, you request to change positions.

It is an experiment that, most of the time it helps them to understand something about themselves.

Try now :