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A persona represents your customer bias. It brings your customers’ pain points, needs, perspectives, and challenges altogether in the context of a character’s life. Some businesses have one Persona, and some have multiple.

Persona is one of the tools of design thinking.

In our project, Persona is the student; the teacher is the member of a Team.

We have designed a specific exercise combining different frameworks and methodologies.

The main aim of the exercise is people /students, teachers) that never worked together get to know each other.

The activity has six steps:

  1. Impromptu Networking (LS) to place questions that profile the person.
  2. Sketching the person using the concept of prototyping
  3. Researching how this person learns and more
  4. Understanding the system
  5. Set up the Gallery
  6. Debrief conclusions

The questions are pretty intense e.g 

  • What question in your life is currently unresolved?
  • What is one belief you hold that, if it turned out not to be true, would render your work irrelevant? 


It is a deep journey to profile the Persona.

One of the challenges of this exercise is that it works for adults 18+, but, with children, a new set of questions need to be developed.