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es · lesson 1

"Looking for employment"

Lesson summary

In this lesson the students will know how to act in the general selection processes, what their behavior and performance should be, and in particular we will work on the job interview, what it is, how to behave and the new trends in this technique.

The target group is ICT Vocational program students.

The Learning objectives are:

  • Design an action agenda to carry out the job search process
  •  Know the public and private organizations where to look for employment and improve our employability.
  •  Participate and present properly in the personnel selection processes.
  •  Prepare a solvent curriculum vitae.
  • Design a selection schedule appropriate to the professional profile
  • Know the techniques of participation in selection processes
  • Plain the performance in an interview

The Methodological aspects are that students will use a Moodle platform with all the resources  (forum, messages, online submission of tasks…) They will also make use of a Miro board, Paddle board Kanban or Genially for specific activities. The lesson will be implemented in Agile methodology within a  blended learning program, as the Agile tools, is based on Constructivist/Constructionism principles and is a requirement from the  regional education authority in Andalusia, so in this case we are integrating Agile into our day to day real practice. 

The contents are:
  • Information for active job search
  • Active job search tests:
    • Personality test.
    • Vocational test.
    • Professional orientation test
  • Swot analysis
  • Canvas
  • Hard skills and soft skills
  • Design thinking
  • Selection Processes: workplan, curriculum vitae, video CV
  • Job interview: workplan, simulation, elevator pitch

the TEMPLATE lesson

the MIRO board

the Lesson in SMORE format

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