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es · lesson 2

"Making Video Curriculum"

Lesson summary

In this lesson the students will be able to make their own video curriculumThe target group is ICT Vocational program students.

The Learning objectives are:

  • Discover audiovisual composition possibilities to obtain attractive images capturing the viewer’s attention.
  • Develop initiatives and capabilities to produce audiovisual content and communicate efficiently.
  • Get the most out of your mobile phone and accessories in video recording.
  • Discover and learn how to work with specific mobile recording and editing apps.
  • Acquire the basic knowledge of the structure of a script.
  • Transfer a story with specific theme to the audiovisual language
  • Discover and learn how to work with specific video editing apps
  • Provide tools for students to be agents of their own learning and achieve the goals that are proposed.
  • Consolidate everything learned in the lesson through a final activity

The Methodological aspects are that students will use a Moodle platform with all the resources  (forum, messages, online submission of tasks…) They will also make use of a Miro board, Paddle board Kanban or Genially for specific activities. The lesson will be implemented in Agile methodology within a  blended learning program, as the Agile tools, is based on Constructivist/Constructionism principles and is a requirement from the  regional education authority in Andalusia, so in this case we are integrating Agile into our day to day real practice. 

The contents are:
  • Size of plane, framing and angulation, the lighting of the scene, the movement, recording.
  • Recording applications: open camera and filmic pro.
  • Accessories to achieve quality recording: micros,brackets,tripods and stabilizers.
  • Video format. 
  • The script.
  • Recording planning.
  • Basics of audiovisual assembly
  • Shotcut program for computer
  • The Video Curriculum

the TEMPLATE lesson

the MIRO board

the Lesson in SMORE format

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