Management (MNG)

Project management items

  • Completion of the Contractual Procedure
  • Steering Group Committee, Technical Committee, Quality Control Committee
  • The Project Management Toolkit
  • The Quality Assurance Plan
  • Completion of the Project Record
  • 6 Project coordination meetings
  • Organizational Chart
  • Project Checklists for the Quality of Project Deliverables
  • 12 Internal Interim Reports
  • Interim Report
  • Final Report
  • The Website & Training Platform
  • The Social Media Toolkit / Social Media Campaign
  • Communication Plan
  • 4 Press Events
  • The Visual Tools (Project Logo; Stand with Banner; Mousepad Calendar; Pen; Cotton Bag; e-Brochure )
  • 6 Factsheets
  • The Project Ad Spot

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Lefkosia (CY)

Cergy, Pontoise, Cedex (FR)

Telavi (GE)

Potenza (IT)

Amsterdam (NL)

Preveza (GR)