The blueprint for transversal and resilient skills in digital culture

Task_1.1: 6 Focus Groups

6 FOCUS GROUPSMETHODOLOGY are going to be organized in Nicosia (CY); Cergy (FR); Telavi (GE); Potenza (IT); Amsterdam (NL), and Chios (GR). 

PP5 (SEALS) defines the methodological framework and shares it with all the Partners. 

Each partner shall design and deliver a FOCUS GROUP in order to define the digital and entrepreneurial needs and detail describe the most relevant skills and competencies for the sector to remain competitive.

The Applicant (OUC) prepares guidelines and instructions for the organization of the FOCUS GROUPS, which are going to be organized by each Partner with total of 60 participants.

R01 formulates novel skills for new jobs in the GLAM sector in the Project Area and beyond. 60 public, private and third sector actors deliver an interconnected network in  CY/FR10/GE/ITF5/NL329/EL42, to revise the skills museums need and improve the way assets, infrastructure, and people link in the digital age.

Task_1.2: Skills Needs Survey in the Museum Sector

The SURVEY will capitalize on the EU ENTRECOMP (2016)/DIGICOMP(2018) to explore both entrepreneurial needs and skill needs in the cultural sector and trace a new generation of resilient skills tailored to the entrepreneurial mindsets.

The SURVEY will focus on the Project Area to identify demand side trends, needs for products/servicesand help connect new skills and new jobs better matching job seekers’ and labor markets’ needs in the cultural sector


Task_1.3: Research Report

The RESEARCH REPORT shall analyze the data obtained by TASK 1 and TASK 2 and more particularly will focus on the skills sets defined by each Partner. These shall be compiled in order to compose the Pact4Skills Portfolio.