Creating transversal key competences to motivate HED students in digital culture (20 weeks)

Task_3.1: Massive Online Open Course (MOOC)

HED students need to embrace the digital world in order to survive. This poses opportunities and challenges for the careers, since they are often less equipped to deal with the increased sophistication of new societal and technological disruptions. 

TASK 3.1: The Pact4Skills MOOC Features include:

  1. MASSIVE: an unlimited number of trainees can participate the MOOC to be further utilized by the Transnational Partnership beyond the Project life.
  2. OPEN: anyone, regardless of age/gender/nationality, the academic achievement/grade/level can attend without any economic cost/fess the MOOC
  3. ONLINE: both tutors and students from anywhere can collaborate online, exchange experience and learn from each other
  4. COURSE IDENTITY: The MOOC is designed for a multi-level and multi-variate learning experience, which is free and open to all interested parties. The instructional design, is interlinked with C1 and RESULTS 02/04/05. The e-Course has a teaching duration of 20 weeks and is connected to:
  6. PROPERTY: The Pact4Skills MOOC is the property of the Pact4Skills Partnership and trainees agree to the terms of use.
  8. In the MEDIATHEK are available small chunks of videos, which relate to the Project’s Intellectual Outputs, the C1 Component and the in-situ training activities.
  9. Reading Materials are structured and selected to serve the needs of each module and each training experience. They may be downloaded from the platform for free.
  10. Disruptive Learning activities: in form of questions; discussion’s; fora; small scale projects (T5.1: 6 Novel Digital Cultural Services/Web-based App)) and the re-directing to outside sources of information and knowledge networks.
  11. Weekly Organization for 20 Weeks is a feature of the Pact4Skills MOOC
  12. Different and effective tests and self-evaluation tests check the learning progress during the 20 weeks of the Course’s life.
  13. Final Exam: it is connected with the delivery of T5.1: 6 novel DIGITAL CULTURAL SERVICES and is graded with pass/fail.
  14. LEARNING COMMUNITY FORUM: The Pact4Skills MOOC operates a teaching-learning community forum, where tutors and learners meet and exchange questions and opinions

PP5(SEALS) designs the Training Platform for the MOOC and PP2(OUC) hosts and operates the Training Platform. The Partnership is attracting an unlimited number of young learners, students and stakeholders with good command of English language, aiming to at least arrive to 90 learners in total.

Task_3.2: Modules

The 4 Module Curriculum inspires entrepreneurial and digital skills that allow HED students fully exploit digital products and services, including “cloud computing”, and enhance their competitiveness in the labor market. 

 The e-Course Curriculum includes 4 Modules:  

The Applicant (OUC); PP3 (TESAU)/PP5(SEALS); PP2(CYU) collaborate to deliver Module 1/2/3 respectively. PP4(CMAB) and PP6(ARTIFACTORY) deliver Module 4. The Applicant (OUC); PP2(CYU) and PP3 (TESAU) make each available 2 persons staff/experts to tutor the 20Week Course and cooperate closely to fine tune tasks and questions.

Task_3.3: Experience Designer Skills Set

Detailing the skills required for the new Professional Profile of the “MUSEUM MENTOR”

The EXPERIENCE DESIGNER SKILLS SET formulates concrete recommendations for an optimal and effective transfer of novel skills into various realities and contexts of the CCI/GLAM sector.

Task_3.4: The Cultural Resource Kit

The CULTURAL RESOURCE KIT is a downloadable multimodal e-LIBRARY with updated materials, tools, methodologies and plans from verified sources that will facilitate self-directed learning and support the design of high added value digital experiences in sites, museums and collections.

The CULTURAL RESOURCE KIT facilitates domain specific knowledge acquisition and transfer in disruptive learner settings. It works as an indicator of trends, problems, solutions, deviations, new potential services and products since media materials can be generated and uploaded in almost real-time using the local ICT access points provided by the Project

Task_3.5: The Mediathek

The Mediathek is a compilation of media evolving all across the Project Life to be utilized in the training process combined with a selection of academic documents for the design and implementation of digital culture. 

OPEN ACCESS MEDIATHEK: a collection of media material produced across the Project life, which works as an indicator of trends, problems, solutions and deviations. It detects new potential services/products since media materials can be generated and uploaded in real-time using the local ICT access points the learners utilize. 

All PPs collect AV materials from the 36 Project activities (COMM/R1-5/C1) and feedback the MEDIATHEK which stays accessible across the Project life.