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15 cases studies

The Fifteen Lessons

During the project implementation (affected by the pandemic), we moved the project from face-to-face training in the first year into the MIRO board environment.
The Teachers attended an online training n the Agile SCRUM artefacts, ceremonies, definition of done, working agreements and Liberating Structures.
In September 2021, the LTTA-C1 was implemented in Crete, the first step to materialise the lesson content and work with the methodologies and frameworks in practical cases. Visualisation started.
During the next meeting in Italy, practical cases came out see
Based on these practices, the next meeting raised awareness among the rest of the teachers, and through the different local workshops, the teachers created fifteen lessons.
A template was created defining the criteria of the Agile lessons transformation with the links to the lessons (MIRO board) and some SMORE containing the lesson transformation explanation.
Each partner generated three lessons on cross-disciplinary topics ranging from history, language, project management, information literacy, business hackathon, mathematics, literature, art,…

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